Them Belly Full (But We Hungry): Food rights struggles in Bangladesh, India, Kenya and Mozambique

Synthesis Report VI - For Digital_Page_01Synthesis report of a DFID-ESRC project, 2012-14 food riots and food rights: the moral and political economy of accountability for hunger

Hunger Revolts and Citizen Strikes: Popular protests in Mozambique, 2008-2012

Mozambique Report V_Page_01Luís de Brito, Egídio Chaimite, Crescêncio Pereira, Lúcio Posse, Michael Sambo and Alex Shankland

“The Constitution Lies to Us:” Securing accountability for the right to food in Kenya

Kenya Report Design VI_Page_01Celestine Musembi and Patta Scott-Villiers

Popular actions, state reactions: The moral and political economy of food in India

India Report V 1Dipa Sinha, Biraj Patnaik, Vaibhav Raaj, Shreya Bhattacharya, and Anuradha Joshi

The Food Riots That Never Were: The moral and political economy of food security in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Report III_Page_01Naomi Hossain and Ferdous Jahan

Food riots and food prices: A moral economy in a global era

canvas_food EthicsNaomi Hossain

Moral economy in a global era: the politics of provisions during contemporary food price spikes

moral_economy_global_eraNaomi Hossain & Devangana Kalita